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Case: PGA Catalunya

The golf resort PGA Catalunya is located between the city of Barcelona and the boarder of France, very close to the Pyrenees. One of the golf courses in the area is Stadium Course - ranked as Spain’s best course.

The Swedish real estate firm Fantastic Frank approached us with this project in June 2019 and our mission became: Promote this resort to the Scandinavian market.

Promoting this prestigious project to four different countries required us to be extremely precise in our ad delivery strategy. Early on we made two observations: 
  1. As the resort is situated outside of Scandinavia, targeting specific geographical areas within each country could be counterproductive.
  2. The general characteristics we were looking for were people who as a minimum were wealthy and a golfing enthusiast. 

This led us to be very broad when it came to geographical targeting, while being extremely specific with regard to interest-based targeting.

However, there is a big difference between people who has an interest for the sport compared to those that actually play golf themselves. And further, we preferred those that we could identify to be genuinely engaged in the activity rather than the casual golfer. 

This led us to focusing on users who engaged in content related to specific golf magazines, golf personalities and non-mainstream golf leagues. 

One of our audiences looked like this:
  • Highly targeted golf interests (Golf)
  • Various luxury interests (Wealthy)
  • Somewhat interested in Spain (Location)

This particular audience consisted of less than a 1,000 people, which is normally below the recommended reach. However, because of our narrow targeting criteria we found the right people. We were able to reach them efficiently with native language ads in all four Scandinavian countries, and continually optimize the ad budget between target audiences, languages, ads and landing pages.

This is just one example of how we carefully tailor campaigns for each individual project.

Below are some ad examples from the campaign. 

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