Ruby on Rails Developer - DevOps (Remote)

We are looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails Developer with DevOps experience who can help us operate and scale our app to even more customers.
Our proprietary platform delivers an automated and data driven marketing process for the real estate industry; providing precisely targeted and personalized digital marketing campaigns across channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google, as well as local digital channels. We are one of Facebook's biggest clients in Norway and we collaborate very closely with them.

At Marketer we value creativity and curiosity, deep technological knowledge and fact-based insight into how people looking for properties behave, both on and off screen.

We invest highly in our employees, even though you work remotely. It is important for us that you get a sense of belongingness and team-feeling in the company. At Marketer, we value the work you will be doing for us. Throughout 2020 our Development team will expand and reach about 25 developers.

These are some of Our Benefits:

Work where you want:
  • Work remotely or come join us at one of our beautiful offices in London or Oslo. If you prefer working from home, we'll pay to set you up with a great workstation - computer and desk included. If you're unable to join us at the office but still feel like leaving the house, we'll sponsor a seat in a co-working space of your choice.
  • We believe in the Remote-way of working, as we trust you to know where you do your best work.
  • A couple of times a year, we'll fly you to Norway to meet the rest of our team.
  • If you want to move to either London or Oslo, we will help you with the relocation and visa-applications.
Work how you want:
  • We think people are the happiest and most productive when they work on their own schedule. Therefore, we offer flexible working hours and an environment where you spend less time in meetings or back-and-forth on email, and more time focusing on the work that matters.
  • We also think it's important to maintain a good work/life balance. We won't expect you to work overtime and offer five weeks of paid vacation time.
Work that's rewarding:
  • Excellent pay: Our salaries are highly competitive, suited to your experience level
  • Health insurance: No matter where you live, we will sponsor a comprehensive health insurance plan for you and your family.
  • Hardware and software is on us: You won't need to spend a cent on the computer or software you need to do your job. We cover it completely.
  • Training budget: Every year, you receive 2 500$ that you can invest in your own continued training.
  • Stock options: You will get the opportunity to buy stocks in our company, where you will get that ownership into the work you are doing.
  • You will work with ambitious, talented professionals with great knowledge, and we want you to learn from us and also share your knowledge to enhance development.
Who are you?
We are looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails Developer with DevOps experience who can help us operate and scale our app to even more customers. Someone who can take charge of our Dev Operations and help us deliver high-availability apps that are performant and reliable.

If you're eager to learn and methodical in your work, you'll be a good fit for this position.

Your task:
  • Analyzing and optimizing our app's performance: Keeping response times low and memory usage reasonable. Identifying potential bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in our app.
  • Monitoring our production environment: Making sure our Heroku dynos are running as they should, and that they're scaled to meet the incoming traffic. Keeping track of bugs in Bugsnag (the software we use for bug-tracking) and categorizing them based on severity.
  • Working with the Facebook and Google advertising APIs: Over time we expect you to grow comfortable working with the integrations we have built with our advertising channels. You'll help us respond if they are experiencing downtime, and to expand and improve upon our integration with their APIs.
  • Help making sure we ship high quality code: Testing and fool-proofing our code base and expanding our automated RSpec test suite.
  • Keeping our dependencies up to date: Maintaining gem versions on our two core applications and making sure we're ahead of any dependency vulnerabilities.
Your skills:
  • Highly experienced in Ruby on Rails
  • Has done plenty of DevOps work
  • Deeply familiar with Heroku
  • Won't be scared off by a setup that uses Redis and Sidekiq to run heavy background processes
  • Comfortable writing automated tests, preferably in RSpec
  • Knowledgeable about SQL Databases
  • Has done plenty of API integrations
  • Familiar with Javascript
  • We'll be very pleased if you're familiar with Facebook or Google's advertising APIs, but it's not a requirement.
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