Wouldn't it be great to never worry about your marketing ever again? To have your homes and services automatically marketed to the right people, with the right message, at the right time - so you can focus on your core business, your customers and on making sales?

With Marketer, this is finally a reality. By combining the latest technology with human marketing expertise, Marketer takes care of all your marketing needs - without requiring any time or marketing knowledge.

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A 3-bedroom appartment in Austin can be relevant for people in many different phases and situations. We tailor our ads, landing pages and content for each potential target audience.
Marketer uses advanced machine-learning technology to create highly targeted audiences. Your ads will only be shown to people that are actively looking for new properties to buy.
AI-powered Technology
Personalised Ads
Our algorithm will automatically allocate your budget to the highest performing channels, audiences and ads so you can maximise your return and sell more properties.
Multi-channel advertising
"This app has boosted our sales beyond all expectations, so awesome to have everything I ever wanted in such a well built app. Started with just a few ads, now I have something like 40. I can't believe it how easy it is to use."
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