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This is the right product if you want to sell a second hand property for a client. Property+ auto generates and optimizes campaigns containing multiple combinations of content, formats, target groups and media channels.

The algorithm automatically promotes the combinations gaining most attraction, minimizing cost and maximizing effect. The result is dynamic campaigns, tailor-made for each property and target group, reaching the highest number of potential buyers at the lowest price per customer.

All clicks are directed to landing pages uniquely designed for each target group, ensuring that only relevant leads are collected, and increasing the chances of selling each property at the best price.

All campaigns are tracked live in our user friendly and time saving app. With the app you can edit any campaign at any time, and easily share statistics with your client, right from your desktop or mobile.

Property+ - the bestseller for second hand properties.

•Property+ helps you select and reach the most relevant potential buyers for each unique propertry.

•Property+ generates tailor-made ad campaigns by highlighting different aspects of your property to the various groups of potential buyers.

•Property+ avoids expensive «waste clicks» by using our algorithm to constantly optimize the best combination of ads, messages and channels.

•Property+ saves you lots of time by letting our algorithm handle every calculation, allowing you to personally engage with potential buyers

•Property+ frees up time for you to personally close each sale, by making the whole marketing process easy to manage in the app

Running a Propert+ campaign will also collect a lot of valuable data regarding potential leads for each type of property you market, sorted by location, type of property and price. The collected data can be used for an Agent+ campaign, helping you attract new customers to your agency.

Every time your agency runs a Property+ campaign, you earn «Marketer Bonus Points» that can be used for a Branding+ campaign for the agency.


Our algorithm is optimized for generating the highest number of relevant leads for the lowest cost per customer. Please read more about how our algorithm works below. And keep in mind that every function can be administered manually at any time during a campaign.

Multi channel marketing
The system lets you choose among all relevant digital and social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram and Google, as well as local news-or websites. The content of each ad will be adapted to fit perfectly to every ad format in every media channel, to ensure that all potential buyers, regardless of where they are located online, will see tailor made ads for your property.

Illustrasjon: bolig som markedsføres i mange kanaler


Auto-generated content
The system can auto-generate high quality marketing copy from our base of tested and proven messages written by marketing professionals. The copy is combined with relevant photos, scanned and selected by our AI-driven image picker, which can spot if a picture shows a nice view or a kitchen, and remove close ups of toilets or fixtures, or images containing architectural drawings.

Copy and images are combined to create individual ads meeting the requirements from each selected media channel and their numerous and variable formats. The use of video in marketing of real estate is increasing, and our system can also auto-generate dynamic video content, based on copy and images from the property listing on your website, complete with an appropriate choice of background music.

Illustrasjon: bilde av en faktisk eller to annonser

(neste avsnitt kommer også under avsnittet Dynamic ads - er begge derler nødvendig? Jeg synes det passer best under punktet Dynamic ads)

The ads are not kept static during a campaign period, but are edited to reflect what is going on in the sales process. You may edit the price of the property, the chosen images as well as other information at any stage of the campaign. The ads will always change when reaching the final stages of a campaign period, to ensure that no potential buyer misses out.

Dynamic targeting

Property+ targets many different groups of potential buyers. The system monitors all clicks and cost per click, as well as cost per conversion, for example cost per person submitting contact details and showing interest in a particular property.

The selection of target audiences for every campaign is done automatically and is based on individual profiles built on more than 2.000 different criteria, ranging from demographics to prior actions both online and when attending other property views. If you have any preferences or local knowledge regarding targeting, you can easily edit this stage of the campaign.

Illustrasjon: bilde av ulike typer målgrupper (barnefamilie, party ungkar etc)

Our system has built in AB-testing. It auto generates multiple campaigns with various combinations of content, formats and target groups, in order to find the combinations gaining most conversions. The algorithm constantly promotes the ads generating most interest, monitors the costs for each ad, and selects the most effective media channels.

An example: An ad on Facebook, with a picture of a garden, combined with a message highlighting the calm neighbourhood and great school nearby, generates lots of attraction among the target group "Adults 25-40 with children", weekdays between19.00 and 21.00. The system registers this fact, and automatically allocates a higher fraction of the budget to this specific combination of content, format and channel.

The algorithm can automatically reallocate each campaign budget up to 15 times every hour, based on real time effect. This ensures that every budget is spent on the best possible combination of media channels, target audiences, advertising messages and landing pages.

Live reports and e-mail reports (hva er e-mail rapport? Er det «notifications» via mail?)

The live report gives you detailed insight into channels, audiences and ads, enabling you to make informed decisions in real time based on your local market knowledge.

You get an instant overview of each ongoing campaign, showing what's left of both campaign period and budget, as well as real time numbers of visits and leads, and total reach compared to campaign goals. All results broken down on media channel.

The report format can be adjusted to your agency's needs, and can easily be shared with your clients wanting to follow the marketing of their properties.

Dynamic ads

The ads are not static during the campaign period, but are edited to reflect what is going on in the sales process. If the price of the property is changed, or bids are coming in, the ads will adapt and show different messages. The ads will always change when reaching the final stages of a campaign period, to ensure that no one misses out.

(se også lignende avsnitt under Autogenerated content litt lenger opp)

Dynamic landing pages

Every campaign can contain up to ten automatically generated and individual landing-pages. The pages/sites are automatically tested against each other to achieve the highest conversion rate. All pages/sites are hosted by Marketer, but will appear on the agency's domain.

Managing data and learning your market

Data is automatically collected from your online property listings. The key advantage of using a data-driven system is that your data advantage is maximized and keeps growing stronger as our algorithm learns your local market. Our results show steadily increasing CTR for every campaign you run.

Click fraud prevention

The system will automatically discover and block clicks from bots used by scam websites. And it will also discover and discount clicks from persons obviously clicking by mistake.

Search optimization

Automatic search optimization is built into the system, ensuring that your promoted property will be visible for people looking for properties for sale in a relevant geographical area. All relevant search engines and portals can be included, from global ones like Bing, Google and Yelp, to local ones (like in the Norwegian market).

Statistikk hipsterleilighet (ikke de to første dagene)
Prospekt: 218
Beløp brukt: 3000 kr
Klikk: 2150
CTR: 9,3%
CPC: 1,41 kr
Leads: 2

Results intro:
Marketer's system is designed to provide the best possible results for different types of campaigns within real estate. Our campaigns are optimized either for leads, downloads or clicks, depending on the goal of the campaign. For second-hand housing, where budgets are typically limited, we focus on identifying the right target group and generating as much traffic as possible. For large projects, the goal is to acquire the contact information of potential buyers.

All the statistics presented in this section are taken from Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads or Google Analytics. Only real estate campaigns are represented.