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Marketer delivers the world's most advanced platform for fully automated, data-driven real estate marketing. Used in more than 25.000 property sales per year by leading real estate agencies and developers like Sotheby's and Skanska.
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How Marketer works

1. Connecting
Marketer connects to your CRM, website, Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn accounts in order to obtain and prepare your data for optimal marketing use.

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2. Creating
Based on your proprietary data, Marketer will automatically provide you with unique recommendations on how to effectively market your property to the right target audience.

You can easily edit and fine-tune every proposed alternative in the app, utilizing your local market knowledge. Co-creating with our powerful algorithm will steadily improve your long term competitive advantage.

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3. Launching
After your final edit the campaign is launched with a single click. Every campaign is unique. A single campaign can run in four media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google and on the websites of major news outlets) and be directed at 50 different target audiences, showing 200 tailored ads pointing to 20 individual landing pages.

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4. Optimizing
Within 60 minutes from launch, Marketer's algorithm analyses the results from all marketing channels in real time, and automatically allocates the marketing budget to the most effective combination of channels, target groups, ads and landing pages.

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5. Results
Number of campaigns
Avg. link clicks
Avg. CPC
Second-hand homes
Number of campaigns
Results from Facebook campaigns for major RES customers in November 2018:
Results from DS campaigns:
Data only from leads-optimized project campaigns where targeting, ad content and landing pages have been delivered by Marketer.

*Ads cost per lead: The amount spent on ads divided by the number of leads. This does not include production costs.


Our solutions

We deliver a wide range of marketing products for the real estate industry. These can assist agents and developers with everything from sales to branding.

Our two solutions, RES and DS, are tailor made for real estate agencies and developers respectively.
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