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Case: Fýri Hemsedal

Fýri Hemsedal had the honour of being the first project marketed through our new platform, M2, last week. The client, AB invest AS, is planning on building 24 spectacular vacation homes in the alpine paradise of Hemsedal, Norway.

With it's close proximity to the village centre – and the ski-in/ski-out possibilities for both cross country and downhill lovers – Fýri Hemsedal represents an attractive choice for active individuals whom also know to appreciate the comfort and luxury that comes with ownership of one of these apartments. Amenities provided by the neighbouring hotel include ski rental, a pool and a spa, as well as access to cleaning services, restaurants and bars.

This is the fourth marketing campaign we are organising for the project. The previous campaigns have reached our goals according to the conversion rate and budget. While we understand that providing high-quality leads will prove more difficult as the market becomes depleted, we expect our new technological platform with automatic optimization of ads and audiences to deliver on budget and on time.

We are very proud to have been given the opportunity to work with AB Invest AS on this project, as well as Favn Hafjell.

Click here to see one of the landing pages we made, and peek below to see examples of the ads we have made.

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