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Case: Sæter

Sæter consists of 15 exclusive apartments – with a clear identity, good architecture and high quality – right in the heart of Nordstrand, Norway. The project stands out with its durable and timeless brick, which has had its renaissance in modern architecture. In order to achieve this, Pilares has collaborated with Lund+Slaatto Arkitekter and Paulsen & Nilsen interior architects, giving the project a personality and character that differs from the current market.

We have had the pleasure of working on several of Pilares' fantastic projects and have over the last year tested different strategies and methods. In order to achieve the best result for Sæter, we started the collaboration with Pilares and Neue early to establish a clear concept and a marketing plan. This enabled us to use our expertise and create conversion-optimized landing pages and ads – resulting in a minimalistic design, where the colour palette, images and material were the main focus. Throughout the campaign, we have delivered landing pages, ads, newsletters and videos – and last but not least focused targeting and continuous optimization.

We started the advertising for the project early in August 2019, and could already in
January announce the start of the sale. The campaign delivered good results
throughout, with an average click-through rate of 3% and a conversion rate of 5.8%*.
Through this strategic advertising, Pilares had approx. 800 interested leads before the
apartments went on sale on the 3rd of February. As a result, they sold almost one
apartment every day, and are now only left with four.

It has been a pleasure to work with Pilares so far and we are looking forward to
continuing this fantastic collaboration.

Click here to see one of the landing pages we made, and peek below to see examples of the ads we have made.

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