Why you should advertise
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Oct 24, 2018
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Tarik Mustedanagic
With all things happening in digital marketing these days it's easy to get caught up in what every other marketer around you is doing. There are several strategies and approaches you can use to market your real estate business, among these; digital advertising, lead generation, SEO, email marketing – the list is endless, you have so many options!
With multiple marketing mediums at your fingertips, it's important to understand that you simply cannot do it all, nor do you want to. It will most likely drain your energy and make it extremely hard to manage your campaigns and as a result, you'll not be able to maximise performance for your goal, which of course is to increase your property sales.

By focusing on just a few marketing channels, you'll gain more time to fully monitor and optimise performance for these campaigns and actually make them work.
One of the key channels for all marketers today is social media. The importance of social media in today's society is growing every single day – it's everywhere and plays a huge role in peoples lives.

You rarely see people on public transport without a phone in their hand. We check our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter several times a day – we're always online and utilise these tools to get the latest updates and trends around the globe, from news to funny cat movies.
As social media is here to stay and we're subject to rapid changes in social trends and consumer behaviour, it's more important than ever to stay on top and take advantage of the fast-paced marketing medium.

Unless you have a big social media team in your company or an extensive and thorough social strategy, you shouldn't get too eager and try to be on every single platform at once. You just need to select one favourite with massive potential which you can be certain that your target audience is actively using. We are of course talking about the godfather and social champion, Facebook!

Here are five reasons why you should be advertising on Facebook:

#1: Everyone is on Facebook. Facebook can't be ignored, and with its 2.23 billion monthly active users (Q2 2018), your audience is 100% on there. The challenge is finding them and reaching them at the right time with the right message. Apps like Marketer can help you manage your digital advertising more efficiently and with AI-powered technology, your ads will be laser-targeted to reach people that are actively looking for properties to buy. Want to see for yourself? Click here to book a demo.

#2: You can target anyone.
The targeting options on Facebook are quite unique – you can pretty much target anyone you'd like. To reach your ideal audience, you can target by behaviours, gender, connections, interests, locations, languages, age, relationship status and so on. Facebook has also invested a considerable amount of time and money into making Facebook an exceptional advertising channel for real estate marketing. With the vast pool of data available in their ads manager platform, you can target people that are homeowners, people that are most likely to move and so on. You can even layer the targeting options on top of each other to really narrow down your audience.

#3: It's easy to find new leads.
The feature "lookalike audience" lets you make a complete replica of an existing audience in your possession. This is a feature you can use to build new audiences of people that you already know converts pretty well. E.G. all your home buyers for a specific price range in the past 30 days. Facebook will use your customer data to generate a completely new audience that you haven't reached before who are similar to your source audience. These new people are most likely also interested in the product or service you sell. To make sure the lookalike audience is an accurate replica of your source audience, you are able to define both the size and location.

#4: Drive everyone down the funnel.
Retargeting on Facebook with the use of custom audiences is a great strategy to target your warm leads.

Custom audiences allow you to retarget people that have already visited your site or performed a specific action, such as clicked "Sign up" but didn't complete the form. These people have already expressed an interest in your business but they abandoned ship at some point in the sales funnel. Why didn't they navigate further down your funnel or why didn't they complete that registration form? Just because they didn't convert during their first visit doesn't mean you should consider them lost. There can be multiple reasons why people abandon a website. We are busy people so perhaps they got distracted by something, or maybe they lost their internet connection? Or maybe they're not ready to buy just yet and need further convincing and nurturing?
By using custom audiences, you can create tailored Facebook ads and retarget these people and ultimately push them further down the funnel.

#5: It doesn't cost a fortune.
If you run Facebook ads the right way, your ROI will literally skyrocket. The more relevant your ads and targeting are, the lower your cost to run these ads will be. This is because Facebook advertising operates as an auction and if Facebook sees that the engagement rate on your ad is high, they will reward you and let you win the auction with a lower bid. Having said that, if you're serious about growing your business and boost sales, you need to use paid Facebook advertising.

Traction from organic activity on your business page won't yield results alone. As you can see below, organic reach is not as effective as it once was. You need to make sure your content reaches your audience and the most effective way to do so is through paid advertising.
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